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Why not offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth?

Actually it is not possible for any hosting company to offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth. This is typically an advertising gimmick that is cleared up when you read their Terms of Service. They will all l have a clause where they can terminate your account for excessive disk or bandwidth usage, usually without defining […]


Will there be forced advertising on my site – things like banner ads or popups?

We do not place advertising on any of our customer’s sites. Our prices are low so we can provide the best tecnology at the best price. We rely on word of mouth and limited advertising to market our solutions – not hijacked advertising on our customer’s websites.


Can you offer any web design or web creation assistance?

Every hosting account comes with a power cPanel control panel that includes a SiteBuilder with over 4,500 professional site templates. If you need a custom site design, just let us know so we can schedule some time for you with our graphic design team.


How do I upload my website?

Once your server area has been configured, you will receive an email with upload instructions. You may use an ftp client, like FileZilla, in our downloads area, or you may use cPanel’s built-in file manager to upload your files.